L/L insurance forbids taking UC claimants?

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    neil watkin

    Given the rcent court decisions about unlawful discrimination against benefit claimats, has anyone else come accross a clause in L/L insurance forbidding them from taking benefit claimants?




    It is very common. Both in insurance and mortgage products. Nothing has changed. The insurance companies said to government “if you bring in legislation, we will increase our prices and / or just refuse insurance point blank”. No Government can make insurance companies take on risk and interfere in pricing. They know it.

    I once owned a leasehold flat where the lease conditions said the property could not be sublet to anyone in receipt of “public help”.

    No real difference to now. Remember when the government pledged that receipt of help from a government scheme under Covid would not affect your credit rating etc? It was nonsense then and it is nonsense now.

    If you took a mortgage “holiday” try getting a further loan. It will be much more expensive IF you can get one. Those in receipt of the self employed payments…..the answer to a mortgage enquiry from most banks is “no chance”.

    My neighbours have just moved. They sold their property for £340,000 and wanted to port their remaining £47,000 mortgage. Both working. But he had been on furlough. The building society with reluctance allowed them to take just £40,000. They had to pay off the balance.

    The landlord cannot discriminate against a tenant on benefits…but insurance companies and banks can indirectly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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