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    Lee Horwell

    Hi all, I’ve been wrangling with a proposed new provider of supported housing in our area over the last few months – they are not registered with the housing regulator. Within the last couple of weeks, they’ve now decided to link in with a registered provider who are already active in our area.

    I’ve been through the paperwork which shows that the non-registered provider is the leaseholder of the properties, who are then subleasing to the registered provider as the ‘intermediate’ landlord; but then the non-registered provider is acting as a managing agent for the RP for a property that they are the lessee for? Does this sound like a normal type of arrangement?

    From the residents perspective, at least there’s some additional governance and scrutiny, but does anyone have any thoughts or info they can share about this particular setup and whether it’s usual practice?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Lee
    We have just been looking at something very similar in our area and from what we could see on paper, we didn’t like the look of it at all. However, after meeting the parties on TEAMS and finding out exactly who was doing what, we’re okay with the set up now. They were using the word ‘agent’ in a different context to the way I would normally use it and when I realised that it all became a lot less suspicious. My advice would be to talk to them face to face / on TEAMS and find out what that registered provider is bringing to the table and I’m sure this will help you to decide what to do. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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