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    A provider of exempt and supported has just warned that it may go into administration. It admits to being millions in debt and blames local authorities for delays in payment of HB and refusing exempt status. Source City AM a finance newspaper.

    I know nothing about them but this is interesting as it admits their business model is no longer working. Sounds like councils are doing their job to me.

    If they do go out of business the tenants are unlikely to be affected but any overpayment will be lost. So I suggest you check the position with this provider. Any cases you have, any outstanding overpayments and so on.


    Home Reit (who provides accommodation to Lotus) issued a statement to the stock mkt today. An extract follows:

    “L was founded in 2018 and provides over 2,000 beds in aggregate to house vulnerable people. As at 31 August 2022, L represented 12.2% of the Company’s overall rent roll, providing 939 beds predominantly to vulnerable women. As at 31 December 2022, the Company’s properties let to L were 55% occupied (by beds), inclusive of properties undergoing refurbishment.

    As previously announced, all rent due to 31 August 2022 has been paid, with final payments for the August quarter received in October 2022. The Company confirms that L has not paid any rent for the quarter to 30 November 2022. Historically, rent payments have been made between two weeks to two months post invoice date”.


    This raises an interesting question. Where HB is in payment to Lotus and they are not paying the monies on to the REIT, is there anything Councils should do?

    I mentioned overpayment recovery but does the Council need to stop payment to Lotus? I dont think so …unless Lotus do go into administration. Suspending payment would probably be the end for Lotus (who provide 2000 beds so not that small) but it is well worth watching as I suspect the HB monies paid to Lotus since September last may be lost. That may be a big problem for the Councils involved but is it a matter for HB? Will the new landlord demand the HB again? I dont think they can….but they might ask.

    Any thoughts?

    John Boxall

    If LA’s think that there is a risk of tenants being evicted because of non payment of rent by Lotus is there any way they could invoke Regs 95 or 96 and pay Home Reit directly?

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    @ PD, I don’t think the new landlord (Home Reit or anyone else) can demand HB again.

    @ JB, Very possible I guess, good point. Home Reit is the lessor (Superior landlord) and Lotus the Lessee (Tenant) I can’t see why 95/96 can’t apply and payments made directly to Home Reit.

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