Mixed Age Couples

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    Jo Hagger

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me please? When the SDP gateway shut did it affect mixed age couples please? I have a case where the claimant has reached pension age & was on income support (still is actually but as State pension is £185.15 pw I think it will cease). Her Partner (who is working age) is on ESA Cont & ESA support. Both have DLA care & receive the couples rate of severe disability premium – for HB & on the joint income support claim. As claimant now receives state pension, do they have to claim UC as they can’t claim pension credit & the state pension is the trigger to end HB? Does the SDP protect them though even though the gateway has shut as not seen anything about MAC’s to say that exemption is no longer applicable?


    There are different things – SDP gateway affected who was able to make a new claim – but having a SDP doesnt give any protection from Mioxed age rules.

    The protections from mixed age rules only applied to copuples that were already mixed age in MAy 2019 when the rules changes

    if your couple have just become a mixed age couple, then IS should end, but i think HB has to end from the end of the wqeek of the pensionable birthday.


    It depends on what the DWP do next, don’t exactly know the details of your particular claim so not sure BUT at least you continue paying HB until I/S ceases. As pbirks said the SDP doesn’t come into it (Except for calculation reasons for the ESA or I/S). If the pension income does not remove entitlement from the I/S or ESA, as they will add the pensioner premium on to one or the other, they may continue to be eligible for HB.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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