NonHRA 1 bed flat – 2 tenants

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    We had a homeless accommodation, LA the landlord, licenced, 1 bed self contained flat rent £108.00 so cells 14/15 (claiming 90% of 1bed).

    Homeless team then decided to place 2 people in this 1 bed flat property – not a couple, separate households.

    Tenancy agreements provided are licenced and state Room A and Room B – 108.00 for each tenant.

    They state the bedroom is used by room A tenant and the lounge room B tenant then they share the bathroom and kitchen.

    As its now non-self-contained I’d allocate to cells 12/13. (1 bed LHA rate).

    Is it acceptable for us to pay £108.00 for each tenant in this circumstance and claim 2x 1 bed rate? Does it matter it’s only a 1 bed flat and the only living room is being used as a bedroom?

    Also, if one tenant leaves and there’s a period where a tenant then has the whole property to themselves should they be issued a new agreement for the whole flat and we’d only claim 90% of 1 bed rate again or would it be acceptable to leave the claim continuing based on the original tenancy agreement of only using a room and sharing facilities (claiming 1bed rate) on the assumption another tenant will be placed.


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