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    A new claim for CTS has been made on 08/03/24 for a gentleman on UC. He turned pension age in June 2023 and has continued to receive UC including his housing costs. Recent check on searchlight shows that the UC is still in payment with no sign of a pension credit claim.

    What happens in this scenario? Do I contact the DWP to make them aware that UC should cease? If so, from what date?

    How is the CTS claim dealt with? Based on the current UC entitlement?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Peter Barker

    And he’s definitely single? And not been recently widowed following death of working age partner?

    If so, there are absolutely no circumstances in which he could possibly be entitled to UC. It needs to stop and be replaced by HB (if he is renting) and possibly Pension Credit asap.

    There is no reason why he cannot receive the maximum three months’ backdating because he is not entitled to UC, it’s a mistake that they are still paying him. I’d advise him not to spend the arrears all at once in case he needs it to repay the UC overpayment. He might well have a claim for compensation from DWP for any arrears of HB and SPC he has missed out on before the maximum three months’ backdate.

    John Boxall

    Its probably indicative of the general state of UC administration that this situation has been able to go on for so long.

    We run a report each month of claimants who are reaching Pension Age on both HB & UCCTS and then send out a review form so we can identify anyone with a HB entitlement from Pension age and ensure we do a proper ‘change of circumstances’ with all information collected.

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    Thanks ever so much for your quick response.

    He is most definately a single man and has been for a very long time.

    I will get the HB and CTS into payment straight away and advise the customer as you have requested.

    Thanks again



    I suppose you’ve checked that you and DWP have got same date of birth for him?
    I am aware that in my LA we do get discrepancies from time to time.

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