Rent change within the year (Supported accommodation)

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    RSL landlord whose rent increases we did in April 2023, this RSL leases the properties from another RSL, for the first time this year when a new tenant leaves and a new tenant moves in the landlord is increasing the core rent every time.
    The RSL that is leasing to the current landlord state “the schedules are for existing residents as at 3rd April. If any unit is re-let during the year, the re-let rent should be applied to that unit. This is again to comply with the requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing. Unless there has been prior agreement with, all service charges will remain the same”.
    This is supported short term temporary accommodation; therefore, rents are already high, so if various new tenants move in throughout the year, the rent will increase considerably throughout the year depending on how many tenants move in.
    Has anyone one else having this problem and finding rents are increasing for the same property throughout the year and is this acceptable for Housing Benefit purposes.
    Thanks Margaret


    Settling rents ‘across the board’ for April is a useful way of doing things.
    However it remains the fact that benefit is for the individual tenant and if you have a new tenant, then you start again by evaluating the rent and the service charges for that tenant

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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