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    Colin Adams

    Good Afternoon,

    We have several claims we have registered as ineligible because we have created a new claim number which is not necessary; the claimant’s already have claim numbers which should have been used.

    How would you record this as per SHBE?

    We have, in effect, had one new claim but it has been recorded twice – once for the claim number which we have made ineligible and then for the claim number we should have used.

    For these claims, SHBE has recorded eight new claims when in reality there are only four.

    Thank you,



    if you’ve received 8 claim forms, then you’d expect SHBE to record 8 outcomes, wouldnt you?? Have you made decisions on them all? 4 claims put into pay, and 4 claims made ineligible? Its been a long time since i was ‘close’ to SHBE, but does the SHBE guide help you in this scenario?

    Or is it just 4 claim forms received, but your system has some how counted each claim twice? If its this, you might need to ask DWP.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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