special support element – is it still a thing?

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    do f/time students in england still get a special support element? the letters used to say “the first £xxxx of your loan won’t be counted byu the DWP” –
    on gov.uk website it only mentions it for course starting up to 2016.

    customer has provided his parental loan amd adults dependfants grant but no breakdown of the maintenace loan.
    does the mainenance lian only have the books/travel disregards now?

    i know the parental learning is disregarded – but thought adult deps grant is taken into account?
    its eons since ive doen a student calc…. this chap is in temp accommodation hence the HB assessment 🙁


    Peter Barker

    Yes, SSL is very much a thing and still disregarded. Rate for coming year is £4,221 I believe, up from £4,106


    brilliant – Thanks!! 🙂


    my student is the partner on the claim ,. the claimant isnt a student
    – looking art the criteria for the special support grant, it says lone parents or couples where both are students and have responsibility for kids ( ive pasted the ctriteria below)

    I thought all students who has an income below £25k got the special support loan –

    the student finance website talks about a special support grant, but the criteria for that are lone parent or couples who are both student who have kids, or v=certail disacbility studd=
    is there a special support loan which students on low incomes automatically get, and then a specuial support grant which thety need to meet the criteria for?>

    I want to disregard as much as possible, but his student finance loan stuff doesnt give a breakdown, not does it say “the DWP will disregard £ xxx” so I just need to be able to confirm/say why its definately included in his loan amount.


    Had a very irritable discussions with some auditors couple of years back about this. As you have no award letter to evidence the SSG so you can’t disregard it, they said, I thought it was a joke but they were adamant.

    Anyway, you have the details of your claim so look through the link below and it shows you eligibility and amounts (From £0.00 to £4221.00) depending on circumstances. So, if they qualify, you disregard the figure appropriate to their circumstances.


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