supported accommodation and ‘intention to claim’

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    We are receiving emails from support providers advising a customer has moved in and has an intention to claim but then not receiving an application for some months after. Looking at the advance claims regs are we able to consider these as advance claims or should we be awarding from the form coming in with possible only 1 month backdating?
    It seems they are taking longer and longer to get forms in and using this wording to try and circumnavigate the rules?


    tyou can allow as long as you think reasonable from getting the intention to the form being received – when you get the intention are you sending anything? an email ling to the customer/paper form?

    Is the addresson UC/CIS being updated promptly?
    if someone’s on supported, then they may need help and support completing forms, but the fact the lanlords ares ending intentions in indicates they are on it and aware a form needs doing pronto!

    Alistair Costelloe

    As a provider, I encourage our staff to keep the ITC ‘live’ by providing regular updates to the HB team if we are unable to provide the documents needed for the claim. For instance, somebody comes out of hospital with no ID, no welfare benefits, no bank account info etc. Mum has the ID but she’s incommunicado, benefits stopped when they were in prison. So the tenant needs to be encouraged to obtain a new ID to make the claim, claim the welfare benefits, set up a bank account etc.

    We have two options really – we either refuse to help the person because they don’t have the means to claim HB or otherwise pay their rent, or we help them and work with the authority to make the benefit claim as early as we can and fill in any gaps at the point we are able to, preventing the ITC from lapsing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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