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    Hi, This is more discussion than question, so hope its ok to post, and its probably not limited to DHP but as we have a majority of the UC income situations …

    How are people dealing with the increasing trend of Online Income, such as TikTok shop, online gaming platforms, Patreon, Fennix international, and of course the more adult side of online earnings that are rarely declared on the Universal Credit? (apart from the fraud referral of course) I am seeing an increase in the income showing on bank statements, and some of them are earning pretty well!


    its a DHP – we regularly look at bank statements and say ” well, you seem to be getting regular money from XX,.YY and ZZ which iosnt forming part of your Unioversal Credit income.

    We assume that this is money avaiable to you to help with your rent shortfall, and therefore we are not prepared to award a DHP/ will assume this money can contribute towards your rent, which is a priorty debt. and we award a reduced DHP


    I feel this might be an Essex thing. 😉 I haven’t noticed it in our applications to any significant level, the odd ebay or vinted sale yes. I don’t see what more we can do other than ask them to declare all income and capital, scrutinise bank statements and query any anomalies. Would people raking it in on onlyfans bother applying for a DHP? Saying that, we have had people apply expecting us to ignore their partner’s earnings or with several thousand in rainy day savings….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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