USA disability Insurance Benefits – disregarded or not?

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    We have a pensions who receives dla abut also received a payments from US Government – Disability Insurance Benefits (started 1994) which morphed into Retirement insurance Benefits when he reached pension age in 2003. ( he was in the US Navy for a while)

    Im happy thats if its the equivalent of a war pension, then it can come under sch 5 para 1 asnd 2 and have a disregard
    But he saysd its the american version of PIP/AA – and it should be disregarded in the same way – I cant see anything in sch 5 which would allow us to disregard it – anyone any idea whether it should be disregarded or not?


    UPDATE _ i think i was looking in the wrong place – reg 29 says what is income and say PiP/DLA etc is disregarded, then para k says :all foreign social security benefits which are similar to the social security benefits prescribed above-
    so I think we should be disregarding it? Does that sound about right? ( i really want to disregard it!)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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