whose name on sundry debtor….

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    MAC- older person (mr) is the clmt. on HB for donkeys years
    Mr wet into care home December 2020,he is ill but wants to come home , we only find out summer 2023.
    We confirm with Mrs that Mr hasnt been home at all since going in the care home. We award 52 weeks temp absence and terminate claim from Dec 2021

    O/p needs to be sent vis debtors. Wife has POA for husbnad.
    S/d has been addressed to her ( i think because we swapped clmt partner riles for her new CTR claim)

    is it ok to send the SD account to her because she has POA for husband? or should it be sent in his name c/o her as POA?

    Or can it go to her because its recoverable from her as well as him?

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