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    [size=18:dcb24fac49][color=brown:dcb24fac49]QuickCalc EXPRESS[/color:dcb24fac49]»
    The [color=green:dcb24fac49]fastest [/color:dcb24fac49]Tax Credits tool yet[/size:dcb24fac49]

    [size=12:dcb24fac49]» Uses a [color=green:dcb24fac49]completely different approach [/color:dcb24fac49]to previous tools
    » [color=green:dcb24fac49]Slashes the time [/color:dcb24fac49]and consideration required to work out most TCs for HB
    » [color=green:dcb24fac49]Reduces errors rates [/color:dcb24fac49]with no loss of accuracy
    » Requires input of [color=green:dcb24fac49]one date [/color:dcb24fac49]and [color=green:dcb24fac49]one amount [/color:dcb24fac49] from award notice for accurate figure
    AND (of course) compliant with current guidance

    Go to [url=http://www.quickcalc.net][b:dcb24fac49]QuickCalc[/b:dcb24fac49][/url], follow the link and read the mini helpscreens

    Updated toolset also available for download
    Download link from QuickCalc home page

    Date required » award letter date
    Figure required » NET award figure (lifted straight from the award notice)[/size:dcb24fac49]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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