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    Darren Broughton

    Has there been some updated guidance issued on this?

    The reason I ask is that I have received an Information Bulletin from Northgate/Sx3 stating:

    “Thank you to everyone who forwarded the revised guidance on the Benefits survey. We have now gone through this and do not believe any changes are required to RBE754 Satisfaction Survey, it will give you all claims determined within the time frame specified.”

    I can’t find anything on this. Anyone shed any light?


    2006/07 Best value User satisfaction Surveys – Note of Update to guidance on Sampling for the Benefits Survey

    1. The Department for Communities & Local Government and the Audit Commission were made aware of a number of changes to the Benefits Service which will impact methodologically on the BV Benefits Survey.
    2. The most crucial issues was a change in the handling of benefits claim renewal – resulting from a change in legislation in 2004 – which has implications for the sampling frame detailed in the guidance published on the BVPI survey website.
    3. The Department and the Commission have worked with DWP to update the guidance to overcome these issues. In particular we have updated guidance on a suitable sampling frame for the Benefits Survey.
    4. The overall objective in was to ensure the characteristics of the individuals surveyed are kept consistent with previous years:
    a. That respondents have had recent contact with the Benefits Service on which they can base their responses.
    b. That respondents have interacted with the benefits service which has resulted in a decision being taken about their benefits claim
    5. The remainder note replaces all guidance given in paragraphs 123 – 129 of the published guidance documents.
    6. If you feel that this guidance will not be sufficient for your authority, either in terms of practically obtaining the sample, or achieving the require sample, you should contact the Audit Commission.

    Target Population
    7. The target population is all individuals who have made a contact with the local Benefits Service which has resulted in a decision being taken about their benefits claim. Respondent should include:
    a. Those pursuing new claims
    b. Those registering a change in circumstance.
    8. To be clear, the sample – within each window – is one of claimants not claims. Similarly, it is not a sample of the addresses from which claims are made.

    Sampling Frame
    9. The sampling frame must be a comprehensive list compiled by the authority of all local authority Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit claimants whose claims have been determined within the sampling windows.
    10. A claim is said to have been determined if the follow criteria have been satisfied:
    a. A claim/change of circumstance form has been submitted; and
    b. A decision has been made; and
    c. The individual has been notified of that decision.
    11. A ‘change of circumstance’ is defined as the notification of any change in an individuals circumstances, or intervention to the benefits service that results in a determination of the individuals benefits claim.
    12. To be clear, to be part of the target population a claimant must have been notified of the decision within the defined window, irrespective of when the previous steps took place. Claims withdrawn before the individual has been notified of the decision will be excluded from the sample frame.
    13. The list of claimants must include:
    a. New claims
    b. Registered change of circumstances
    c. Successful and unsuccessful claims
    d. Claims for Council tax Benefit including second adult rebates.
    e. Claims for different individuals within a single household.
    14. Any one individual must only be survey once during each sampling window. Therefore, if a determination is made about more than one claim within a given window, only one survey will be sent. Similarly, if an individual applies from different addresses, only one survey will be sent (obviously, changes of address must be noted for the purposes of administering the survey).

    May 2006
    Local Government Research
    Department for Communities & Local Government

    Darren Broughton

    Thanks. Was this sent to you or was it made available on a website somewhere?


    It was sent to me by our marketing department, who got it from the AC website.

    Darren Broughton

    Many Thanks


    Latest from SX3/Northgate

    Customer Satisfaction Survey – BVPI 80

    RBE754 Satisfaction Survey – Thank you to all of the customers who have given us feedback following information bulletin 308 regarding the Satisfaction Survey. Whilst most of the requirements are met, RBE754 does need to be revised to report on change of circumstances determined. You will be issued with an amended version of this report as soon as possible.

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