The Over-riding £20 Disregard from certain income of the fam

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    In any particular claim for HB/ main CTB, the maximum weekly disregard per claim is £20 from any or all of the following:

    – certain charitable and voluntary payments
    – student loan, access fund and covenant income
    – certain war widow’s and war disablement pensions
    – widowed mothers allowance and widowed parents allowance.

    If two (or more) members of the family get any of these types of payment, the maximum weekly disregard is £20 for the whole family. In such cases, the disregard is used in whatever way is most favourable to the claimant.

    Could somebody please tell me if the above HB/CTB disregard rule is mirrored in the calculation of Pension Credits.



    There is a similar rule, but it is expressed slightly differently. There is a list of items attracting a £10 disregard (war pensions and long-term widows’ benefits); there is also a £20 disregard of trust fund payments for essential living costs. But the £20 disregard is halved if you already have one of the £10 disregards.

    Generally, the pool of items to which these disregards apply is much smaller in Pension Credit, because student income and voluntary payments are not counted.

    See Sched IV to the Pension Credit Regs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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