1 Bed or 2 Bed or even shared?

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    Andy Shanks


    I have been asked this question and I seem to have gone blank.

    Have a person leaving hospital into private accom, has to have full time carer with him and the carer will be paid for. Clmt gets highest rates of care and mobility for DLA.
    Property has 2 beds, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen [and is perfect as adapted for his use].

    On the face of it its a one bed rate if he is there himself, if the carer lives there will this allow the clmt to get 2 bed rate with the carer as a non dep? [no deductions as care rate of DLA in payment]

    BUT will this then fall foul of the sole use of 2 rooms or bathroom/kitchen and mean that it is shared rate?

    What is the most efficient way of setting this up to maximise the amount of LHA the clmt can be considered for?


    The “exclusive use” provision only applies in those cases where, otherwise, the claimant woulkd be in line for the one-bed rate. In other words, it effects single people and couples with no children and no non-deps.

    As soon as you have a non-dep, it is a simple head count and bedroom allocation accordingly.

    What you are proposing is the best option as far as HB is concerned – good job it’s just the one carer.

    Andy Shanks

    Thanks Peter,
    now you have put it like that [ie overcoming my confusion over the shared bit] I sort of remember from the training you gave before LHA started.

    Andy Shanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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