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    The three LAs I work for were all very honest in their recent performance standards assessments for CPA and scored a resounding nil on the 15 questions relating to 10% check. This is because they do not carry out 10% check prior to notification.

    Having looked into this in more detail, the requirement is to check a random sample of 10% of all claims after assessment and before payment and notification. I’m not convinced that all authorities who say they meet the checking criteria actually meet the pre-payment criteria and check a random 10% of all claims processed!?

    What I’d like to know is, how do you manage to check before both payment and notification – particularly when payment runs are daily. I am at a loss as to how this can be done in reality without checking staff working nights! :

    Confused of Somerset! :15:


    We changed our checking procedure after finding out that whilst we slogged our guts out to achieve 10% we got a resounding nil pointe on our self assessment… We now check pre notification!

    As we (for the moment) still have paper files each assessor brings their completed work to the QC team at several points during the day. The QC team select the appropriate claims and arrange for the notifications to be ‘pulled’ (i.e. given to them rather than sent.) A new bit of kit our print dept are in the process of installing will make this even simpler as the QC team can arrange for the nots to be filtered into a ‘virtual’ holding tank until the checks have been carried out and then release them when they’ve finished.

    I did get worried (all over again) when I saw your post mention pre-payment, but am hoping you are mistaken on this! I have checked the on-line copy of the PS manual and it mentions pre-notification but not pre-payment:

    [i:88f1d76e01]The check should take place post-decision, but before the LA sends a decision notice to a person affected.[/i:88f1d76e01]
    phew 😳


    Lets hope it’s just my interpretation of 4.115 that leads me to believe that checks should be made before payment!

    “The standards in this section are vital in identifying whether the decisions lead to the right amount of money being paid at the right time to customers…”

    I’m going to be very brave and check this with the BFI when I see them in a couple of weeks time.


    hmm hadnt read it like that, and to be honest i dont think thats the intention, how could you possibly check CTB pre payment?
    i think 4.111 gives enough instruction.

    If on the other hand the BFI tell you differently please, please, please dont tell me! 😉


    we manage it now – we have academy systems and on release 32 a section on management checks was introduced – where the system will hold back the notifications from going out on the claims to be checked – The system pull off 10% random cases of any assement done the day before.and lists these daily on a spreadsheet. Once checked – the checking officer releases the notification and there is a facility to change the date on the notification before you send it – hence not infringing their rights of appeal. We do not do daily cheque runs. The only thing it doesnt do is specify particular types of claims – so we also still do the post notifications checks on individual officers – but it keeps CPA happy


    we have started doing this now
    we have academy systems – and on the last release they installed a new management check – where the system will choose 10% of the previous days work – and send it on a spreadsheet the following day – it holds back the notifications of these cases, and once checked, the checking officer can release them. It also gives you the option to change the date on the notification so it does not infringe the claimants appeal rights. The only thing it cant do – is select the type of cases or the officer – so we still do as well the post notification checks – We dont do dsily cheque runs


    If you can select a 10% check automatically and hold back the decision notice this is exactly what’s required, but what happens with your PIs?
    How do you manage to add on extra day(s) to account for the delayed notice?


    I put the cat among the pigeons when I took the bull by the horns and emailed the DWP to clarify whether the 10% check was pre-payment as well as pre-notification and here is their reply.

    Thank you for your e-mail dated 4th August 2004 regarding Performance Standards.

    Part 1 paragraph 4.116 refers to at least 10% checks of assessments should be undertaken before the decision is notified to the customer. It is presumed that Local Authorities send their decision letters out at about the same time they issue their payment notifications. therefore, checks prior to the decision notice being issued will be, by default, made before payment.

    However, we have made a note of your query and will consider reviewing this paragraph on 10% Checks in the the future, to explain in more detail why preference is given to doing the checks when the decision is notified to the customer.

    Sabby Riordan
    Performance Framework Team

    Sorry everyone! 🙁


    What reports, if any, do SX3 sites run to select claims for the 10% check?


    [b:b0fc8cb733]SX3 Benefits[/b:b0fc8cb733]

    We are using the RBE581 for New Applications and are using the staff’s own manual control sheets for Change of Circs etc.

    Angeline Smith

    JBJ – we have Academy as you do however I’m assuming you print overnight and not online as the assessments are processed?


    We have our own in-house system. IT print off a report every morning which lists 10% of claims which were done the day before. I then pass this to the person who does our notification letters and then they pass the ‘paper’ file and the notification letter to me to check.


    We have an in-house system.
    What happens is that assessment staff go through various input screens, then validate the data to produce the result.
    On this result screen is an “accept” button which they press once they are happy with the assessment.
    What the system does is test check every tenth claim when the accept button is pressed.
    If a case is test checked it is locked to the assessment team and at the same time it goes into a queue on a screen that the quality control team monitors.
    The checker then completes details of the check on the screen IE income correct, dates correct etc.
    Once they have finished the check the system re-opens the claim to the assessor to either accept the inital assessment, or make the necessary alterations then accept.
    The claim is then finished and notifications and payments are issued.
    If alterations have been requested by the checker these will have been sent through the dips/workflow system awaiting a reply to confirm that the claim has been finished.
    The checker can then make sure that the correct alterations were made.

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