10% pre-notification checks

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    Can someone help me out here?
    We don’t currently carry out pre-notification checks, but are planning on introducing them as soon as DIP & workflow is implemented which will hopefully be March 07.
    Can anyone please tell me if the standard amount for pre-notification checks is still 10%? I have looked high and low for clarification on this but keep coming back to Enabler 9 which states it is only 4%. The only other thing I have found which mentioned 10% checks was in an old PS guidance manual (2001), but it says the checks should be carried out before a decision is made. Does this mean pre-notification??

    Can anyone point me in the direction of guidance which stipulates the percentage of pre-notification checks we are supposed to carry out?


    Article 4 of the Contracting Out (Functions of Authorities: Income Related Benefits) Order 2002 said it has to be a minimum of 10% where the assessment is done by a contractor:


    I don’t know whether that has been amended since 2002 though – could well have been


    Thanks Peter,

    We don’t contract out any of our work, will this still apply to us.

    Do you know if this is the only piece of legislation/guidance regarding the 10% pre-notification checks?

    chris harvey

    There is no legal requirement regarding pre notification checks. It is good practice to check the quality of assessments carried out and internal audit sections will probably have issues if you do not have some checks in place.
    The Performance Standards are not legislation but their scores feed into the authorities CPA score so most authorities will want to comply with the standards. To fully comply you need to carry out only a 4% pre notification check.


    Thanks guys,

    I thought I was being a bit dozy as I have heard the 10% mentioned a lot, especially on the message boards, but could never really find anything that stipulated it was a requirement for us to be doing that many.

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