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    SHBE fields 269/272 (all info from clmt) and 270/273(all info from third party) were introduced to help identify where delays in the system may be arising. The number of days are calculated from the later of the two.

    DWP have advised to use field 269/272 to record information received from the customer only. Field 270/273 should be used to record the actual date the LA access CIS, or when information is received from any other source including for example, ETDs, employers and other Council departments.

    This contradicts their own guidance – According to the DWP’s HB and CTB Single HB Extract Guide, . it says Third party information would include any information that the customer [i:804880e03d]would not reasonably be expected to provide[/i:804880e03d] – e.g. information from the Rent Service, or from DWP

    Are customers no longer required to provide evidence of their DWP benefits, earning or proof of rent in accordance with in accordance with HB 86(1), CTB 72(1), HB6067(1), CTB60 57(1)?

    Is this what other authorities have been doing already? This morning i would have said the instances of the last piece of info from third party would have been relatively infrequent, now it’s on virtually every claim.


    I found this annoying also. The 14 day count should be from when we receive all information regardless of the source. We are also procactive in getting information. For example a we would ring a housing assocation to confirm rent liability if the customer hasnt provided it. this would go in the 3rd party field. I dont understand how the 14 day count can start when the customer provides minimal evidence and we confirm income, benefits, rent liability etc. I thought the burden of proof lies with the customer but we will get punished for getting the proof instead of them. I have been providing statistics based on the latest of the 2 dates like the stats 124 used to, but it appears i may have to change this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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