16 yr old dep claiming HB

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    I have a 16 year old claimant who has come to live and study in the UK from France. His parents are UK nationals and have been resident and living in France for the past 7 years. My claimant is doing a full time course at a college of further education. It seems he has no intention to permanently stay in the UK and will move back to France once he has completed his course. I was going to consider applying the HRT test to see what his intentions are etc. He has no income and has applied for EMA.

    It has now emerged that his parents are receiving child benefit for him, so he is a dependant and presumably can’t claim HB? If this is correct can anyone tell me the relevant regulation to turn him down on? I’m not even sure the parents should be claiming CB if they are not present and ordinarily resident in the UK. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sion

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