2 tenants and 2 subtenants

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    I can’t make my mind the correct way to treat this scenario, so some help would be appreciated. It’s a reconsideration request and I can see we have treated the 2 tenants differently!

    We have 2 claims from 2 subtenants. In the 4 bedroom house, they have 2 subtenants.

    Do I assess each of claims using 4 bed rate, but halve the subtenant income for each of the tenants? I think this is correct, but am not sure!


    I’ll answer my own posting as no-one else has!

    I’ve decided to use the 3 bed rate for each; add the subtenant income together and then halve (so only one £20 disregard per sub tenant).


    Yes that is right – the two tenants get the three bedroom rate and the subtenants get the one bed or shared rate. So its true you could end up paying for 8 bedrooms even though the property is 4 bed. But of course that was the idea behind LHA – family unit not property.

    Paul Owen

    Hi Guys
    will this scenario work where there are existing tenants within a property who are on periodic tenancies ( ie there 6 month AST has expired).All four have there own tenancy agreement. :ooking forward to the ‘Maximising your rent’ course in September!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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