2AR and Circular A18/2005

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    Hello All,

    I’m having a real mental block here, and wonder if anyone can help me.

    Cicular A18 tells of the changes to 2AR from April such that students living with second adults on passported benefits can get 100% 2AR, rather than 25%.

    I think i follow all that fine- but i am struggling to understand paragraph 27 of the circular.

    It seems to tell a story as follows-
    – all students in a property- full CTAX exemption
    – one student in property, one person on passported benefit moves in- no longer exempt, they now get 25% CTAX discount, and can claim 2AR. They get 25% 2AR and so pay 50% of the original CTAX. (i’m fine up to here)

    It then says “If Two individuals, both in receipt of an income related benefit, moved in to the household neither a 2AR nor a single person discount would be applicable and the householder would be liable for 100% of the Council Tax laibility.”

    I understand that there would definately be no single occupancy discount- but i can’t understand how having 3 persons- all on passported benefits- would mean no 2AR would be applicable?

    Where am i going wrong??

    I’m sure i must be missing something really simple- but i just can’t fathom it??


    Hello All,

    I thought i would answer my own post- as i have found out the answer.

    Apparently this is a typing error on the circular, and 2AR would be applicable in the circumstances they describe (Student, plus 3 others who are all on passported benefits).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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