3 Bedrooms, 7 people

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    Paul Owen

    I have an existing tenancy which is paying the LHA 4 bed rate.

    It is now a periodic tenancy, and i am now made aware the tenants brother has moved in.

    He is 20 and has moved in until he can find somewhere of his own!!

    The family make up prior to this;


    Brother 18 (turned 18 since original tenancy)

    Son 11

    daughter 6

    daughter 4

    daughter 3

    I know i can give a new tenancy due to cahnge in circumstances, how can i maximise this rent here?

    All input greatly appreciated!


    The requirement is now 5 bedrooms but unfortunately the restriction is to 4. So the brother could claim the shared rate I guess…if he wants to live in the property full-time. At the moment he is a non-dependant. The existing tenant may not want that of course.

    These larger families do not lend themselves to higher LHA levels…they used to but the Government has stopped that. families of 9 getting £3,000 a week and so on. Sorry Paul…those days are gone!

    Paul Owen

    Ok, my way forward here is;

    Include the brother as a named tenant but set the rent at the total of the 4 bed rate plus a single person rate?

    So in this area 4 bed =£795
    and single person =£280
    Total =£1075.00/month

    That sound good for a 3 bed house?


    Yes thats fine. You need to issue seperate tenancy agreements of course. Personally I would issue one for 4 bedroom and one for one bedroom. Technically the son might be elegible for the 4 bed rate if he is a JT….but you could not ask that. Dont ask me to explain this….it is something we will explain in january on the training.

    Paul Owen

    Thanks Peter,
    If i issue seperate tenancy agreements then i become responsible for the council tax.
    Is it not possible for him to be added to a new tenancy agreement, then notify HB of changge of circumstances and then he claim for HB?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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