4 to 5 rooms after Apr 2011 but before LHA aniversury date

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    Help settle a discussion please
    Non-Dep moves in 06/11/11, LHA anniversary date 28/11/11

    CL already has a 4 bed need when Non-Dep moves in.

    Does the non-dep cause a change in the room rate therefore causing a review of the LHA rate and then the 4 room cap applies from 07/11/11 and no TP can be awarded if the LHA has reduced?
    Does the non-dep not cause a change in the room rate because there is no 5 bed rate from April 2011 and the LHA anniversary takes place from 28/11/11 as normal?


    RTFM :shy:
    found the answer in the HBINFO guide.

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