4 week run on entitlement query

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    Jsa IB award date is 8/11/10 but not in payment until 11/11/10. Award stops 9/5/11. Is customer entitled to a 4 week run on on the basis that the award started within 6 months even though payment was not received from that date.


    The period referred to in the Regs is 26 weeks rather than six months, but in this case the same problem arises either way: if you include the waiting days he’s covered, if you don’t he’s not.

    Reg 72 talks about being “entitled to and in receipt of” a QIRB; Reg 2 says that a person is regarded as being “on” JSA during the waiting days. So the question is whether “entitled to and in receipt of” in Reg 72 should be interpreted as having the same meaning as “on”. Does Reg 72 mention the words “in receipt of” in order to exclude the situations where a person is deemed to be getting JSA(ib) under Reg 2? Or is it just messy and inconsistent drafting of Reg 72 without any real thought about waiting days, sanctions etc?

    I would give the benefit of the doubt.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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