50 % discount or 10 % discount??

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    Clare Easson

    A tenant takes the tenancy of a property from 6 February 2006 but is not moving in until 3 March 2006 as they are decorating. The property is unoccupied & unfurnished.

    The property has been sitting empty for a few years and has had the relevant exemption already.

    If a new owner purchases the property we would award 50 % for 6 months then 10 % thereafter.

    Would this be the same case for a tenant or would they just get 10% from the date their tenancy started? 😕

    Clare Easson

    Can nobody give me any advice on this one? Pretty please 🙁


    Someone with a tenancy of six months or more is included in the definition as ‘the owner’ for council tax purposes so you should do the same for him as you would if someone bought the property.
    However- I’m not sure why the new owner would get 50% for six months then 10%- is this a local thing that you do- maybe the rules are different in Scotland???
    If the property has had a class c exemption any new liable person would only get the local discount that you allow on long-term empty homes??
    Not sure if this helps 😕

    Clare Easson

    Thanks Dean.

    Yes the rules are slightly different in Scotland but thanks for your input. 😛


    Clare, are you still seeking to clarify this question or have you got an answer elsewhere?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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