52 Week Rent Officer Referrals – A2/2008

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    Am I right in thinking under the new right time performance indicators that 52 week rent officer decisions should be classed as a notified change of circumstances?


    Yes, this was specifically confirmed in A5.


    Just out of interest –

    I don’t know if this was specifically referred to in the circular but after contacting the DWP they have confirmed to me than any decision made which does not actually effect entitlement DOES now count towards the indicator

    ie IS case moving straight onto JSA(IB)


    On that point, would you consider the following to count as a supercession and therefore require a ‘right time’ stat?

    Standard award in payment with no tariff income being taken. Out of the blue (as often seems to happen) the claimant sends in an updated building society passbook. There is no change to the calculation of income from capital (there is none). As a matter of course here we would update the system with the new figures and issue what is essentially a new decision letter acknowledging receipt of the proofs and showing the updated capital figures used.

    This really is just an administrative exercise, but we are tacitly acknowledging the capital proof as a request for supercession, granting the request and making a superceding decision that entitlement is unaffected. So stat required(?)

    Should we be doing this or taking a different approach?

    Ozzies Mate

    I would say yes as this would still qualify for the right time indicator – if you are still supposed to count that situation as a ‘change event’.

    Although you would get nothing from that alone in the right benefit indicator, you would still get a stats against the time taken to process the change


    Yes I spotted this one in this DWP circlar A5 Appendix 4 No. 16, and brought this to the attention of my manager! (how clever am I?)
    It seems that even though there is ‘no change’ to the entitlement you have actually made the decision to superceed, therefore it counts towards the right time indicator. However be careful with your interventions here, if we receive an intervention reply from the customer who confirms there is ‘no change to their income’ even though we issue a decision letter to schedule 6 requirement we have not superceeded anything and this won’t count towards the indicator. What we have to think about here is ‘when is a “no change” a change’ !!
    This is my first ever post on this site!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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