9 month delay in awarding pension credit

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    Hi, it's another start date query i'm afraid!


    Pensioner claimed PC(G) in April 2012. We receive an ETD dated 25.01.13 saying Guarrantee Credit awarded from 14.04.12. We receive a claim form (not from the pension service) 27 February 2013.


    We can't decide if we can go back to April on CTB or if we can only do it from 3 months prior to receivng the claim form?


    Any advice is appreciated.


    Was the delay due to DWP error? Did they apply for CTB to the pension service via a tel call and they were holding the claim form pending the outcome of the claim (happens here quite a bit)? If so I would treat the claim as being made in the same date PC was.


    Yes I remember contacting the dwp about 1 like this because we seemed to be getting quite a few. They said as long as we confirm (by telephone) with the pension service that they made a claim for ctb, we could pay ctb from the pcgc award date (because they made their claim within a month of pc being awarded with the pension service over the phone)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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