9 month protection awarded after change in household – correct or incorrect??

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    Claim was running on a 2-bed LHA rate of £113.92. The anniversary was due on 16/08/11 and the LHA 2-bed rate is now £103.85, but they were awarded 9 months protection based on £113.92 from 16/08/11 to 20/05/11 – correct.

    However, the non-dep left on 01/08/11, so the LHA has changed from 2-bed rate to a 1-bed rate of £87.69 from this date – correct.

    The problem is, from 22/08/11 the HB has increased, as our system wants to pay the 9mth protection still based on £113.92 – surely this must be incorrect, as am I right in thinking that they should lose the protection as their LHA rate and anniversary date has now changed?

    All the notes I’ve read show the examples where the change has taken place after the 9mth protection has started, but not before.

    Any advice would be appreciated, before I go an make a fool of myself sending an IR to the system providers 🙂


    You are right, protection only applies if the event that triggers it is the first LHA event of the 2011/2 year. In this case the first LHA event is a decrease in rooms and that is taken into account immediately in the normal way.


    Thanks for your response 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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