A deluge of ETD’s

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    Since the week before Christmas and ongoing since then we have been receiving literally, hundreds of Pension Credit ETD’s.

    The vast majority are cases that have transferred from MIG to Guarantee Credit and were included on the scans back in October 2003 – so no action is required on our processing system, but obviously they all need checking as a minority were not included on the scan so require reassessment of claims. Has anyone else been affected by an over zealous RAT?!?

    I keep on hearing that now is a supposed to be a “quiet” time in housing benefit offices because re-applications for pensioners have gone and are on there way out for working age claimants. By all accounts we should be sitting with our feet up “cleaning our data” – We haven’t noticed a reduction in workloads yet and we have a high proportion of pensioner cases – Has anyone noticed a reduction in their workloads since October?

    Andy Thurman

    I’ve been advised by PS that the ETDs are generated by uprating work. The “Change of Guarantee Credit” ETDs should not have been sent & a fix is apparently upon us soon! As such we’re not working on these ones.


    I think we are all suffering from the fact that the ETD info is simply not complete and as such we are bombarded with often excessive / meaningless rubbish. However we have to check them and as you say it is back to the RAT and faxes to PS. I can only advise that we do keep the pressure up with PS – to make sure they are aware of the problems that are being caused. The software drastically needs getting right, and what should have been a time to plan and regroup has become as bad as ever. Our workload has reduced overall (customer contact) – but the extra work in correcting / checking items from ETD’s has more than made up for this. Can I be optimistic and say that when (if) the systems ever work at PS and IR that life might be a bit easier for us?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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