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    Facebook – I’m serious!

    We have a claimant who has been on long-term Incapacity Benefit for years. A doubt arose over his residency so our fraud officer starts investigating.

    On a whim she types his name into facebook and lo and behold he’s there. He’s posted pictures and is bragging to his friends how he bought a classic sports car (an MGB GT), refurbished it, sold it and bought a speedboat.

    He also boasted how he had bought himself a brand new top-of-the-range 4×4 and bought his wife a brand new sportscar for Xmas. All this on IB of £90 pw. 😯

    The wife adds an interesting twist seeing as we didn’t know he had one! When you check her profile is obvious that she is, in fact, the person he said was his landlady. The IUC is going to be interesting. 😀

    My fraud person told me that the DWP have told her that they are prosecuting a different claimant who categorically denied being in any form of relationship and that the alleged partner was just a friend. However the claimant couldn’t then explain why three years of holiday photos were on facebook, why she posted about how happy they were and how they were getting on after moving in together. 8)


    😀 You could not have made it up, LOL.

    Kevin D

    The perfect examples to demonstrate the dangers of online profiles on bebi / facebook / myspace / twitsters et al…..

    On the other hand, plenty of official organisations have websites where the content sometimes fails to reflect reality…. 😯 😈


    Additional info.

    We have now also found him on friends reunited. There he is bragging that he has recently had a good win on the national lottery.

    You couldn’t make it up 😯


    Maybe you couldn’t make it up, but I am starting to wonder whether [b:c7212f0286]he [/b:c7212f0286]has.

    Apart from bragging on the Internet, is there a shred of evidence that this glamorous life actually exists outside his head?


    No but we have also managed to find his marriage certificate which shows he married his “landlady” in mid 2007.

    This is despite several letters where he strenuously denies that he is in a relationship with her, some of which are dated after they got hitched.

    I take your point though – he may just be walter Mitty-like fantasist.


    Have you checked his Facebook status?

    “What are you doing now?

    xxxxxxxx is committing benefit fraud”

    You might get lucky…..


    It’s a good reason to hide your profile from all but people who you’ve accepted as friends.


    What not include it on the HB claim form?

    “I understand that if I put a profile on facebook, twitter etc. boasting how rich I am, you may put a big flashing sign saying “benefits cheat” on it”

    Mind you, if he is not actually paying the landlord, has fourteen non-deps, the top-up and (obviously) a DHP, then whats the problem? Someone has to get the economy working. When I say “working” this claimant is obviously a bit too busy for all that ….. 8)



    We’ve been using it for some time now, mainly to detect undeclared partners, with a fair degree of success, quite a few of our investigators use a fake profile on Facebook and it allows then to search for people.

    As LT’s are often hard to prove it is very satisfying when you see their grinning faces on posted photographs.

    I’m all for it.

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