A really easy HB quiz for my team

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    Hi All,

    Doing quality checks today I came across one officer who still doesn’t understand the difference between the [u:59255255e2]receipt[/u:59255255e2] date and the [u:59255255e2]claim[/u:59255255e2] date for a new app, and I had the brainwave of setting an easy Christmas quiz for people in my building.

    Like 10 minutes ago, so this is not completely thought through yet…

    Really easy in the sense that these are basic things in benefits that people still get wrong!

    The only trouble is that so far I only have two questions:
    1. Define the Receipt date (1 mark)
    2. Define the Claim date (3 marks)

    and then a tie-break at the end about tying this in with PM stats.

    Do you think this is a good idea to do? And can people help me with further question ideas?

    I’m going to ask our principle Quality Officer for further easy things he has seen get wrong 😈


    3. Define the ‘First Information Date’
    4. Define the ‘Information Received Date’


    How about this for

    (5) Define the date of first contact.

    Also a question for landlords

    What is Housing Benefit and whose entitlement is it? Guarantee a wrong answer there!!

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    How about “clarify who overpayments are recoverable from”?


    How about end date of entitlement to maximum HB/CTB when IS/JSA(IB) is last paid on a Sunday.


    and how about this one –

    “what date do you terminate from when a claim has been suspended based on an NHB8?”

    Sounds like a good idea, will think about this for my team as their next training afternoon is next week!!


    Hi all,

    thanks for the responses.

    But it looks like this isn’t going to go ahead.

    You might agree with the response (below) from our Quality Officer

    I apologise if my answer is a bit negative, but I tend to see all the problems in everything I look at. (This has also turned out longer than intended.)

    At first sight I thought yes this is a great idea. Lots of people like quizzes and its a fun way to learn.

    Then reality dawned when I saw your first idea for questions.

    Benefits being one huge grey area, it is difficult to define anything. Most things are dependent on a huge range of varying circumstances.

    Therefore, I am not sure if a definition approach is a useful one. For example, your question ‘define the date of first contact’ is one that the

    vast majority of benefit officers will get right, but whether they will correctly apply that definition to individual circumstances is much more debateable.

    I have had three attempts at different times at coming up with benefits test questions and have found it to be a nightmare. There is so much information you need to give to make sure the question cannot be misinterpreted that you end up writing a book and then because you have highlighted all the relevant detail the answer becomes obvious. If you were to include all the extraneous background noise that is found in most claims then the question becomes even longer and you guarantee that the good officers will know the answer and the weaker officers will struggle. Does this then help anyone?

    There is also the old, old problem of perception. If this is meant to be fun it has to be easy. If it is easy then is there any point doing it?

    If it is more difficult it is going to be regarded with suspicion. What is this test going to be used for, used against me, embarrass me etc., etc.

    How will the test be done? How will it be marked? Who will know the results? Will the results be recorded anywhere or used at one to ones or to determine training needs?

    If its not compulsory I won’t do it.

    In effect what I am saying is this is highly problematic.

    If you want to go ahead I would suggest it might be a good idea to think about some of the questions I have posed and then discuss it with a wider audience.

    If you get over all these hurdles then I wish you the very best and hope it is a big success.

    Alternatively, you can have a stab at it on your own. It might be a great success, or it could be a bit of a disaster with a lot of ruffled feathers.


    Hmm…back to the drawing board.




    Yes, but I would definately be afraid of “losing to the monkey with the pencil”. 😉
    Durr??? :15: :15:


    Ask them to solve this one:



    Errr, “the alphabet for beginners”?? 😀


    Is it the carol Noel Noel?


    A mince pie for Louise…

    [color=red:c7a72e9800]NO “L”[/color:c7a72e9800]




    Gimme a break, Mike…I’m grossly hungover and am sitting here opposite a woman who only knows the opening line to “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and keeps singing it over and over [i:d8b9122a37]ad infinitum[/i:d8b9122a37]…it’s the best I could do under such circumstances.

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