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    Hi all,

    I apologise if this has been mentioned elsewhere, i have done a search but couldnt find anything relevant.

    Im brand new to HB & CTB and this is my first post so go easy 😉

    It seems to me HB & CTB could benefit (no pun intended) from having a wiki.

    One location all the info is held, no scrolling through page after page, site after site, book after book but one typed search and the least you would get is a link to the info you need but hopefully an actual explanation.

    Having worked for the DWP for sometime, it appears HB & CTB are similar in that its unlikely you will know everything but have subjects on which you are strong and others you would need to look up as and when they arise.

    As with other wiki’s it would be the users updating it, so the info should be correct and its fully editable if its not, or if it needs updating for uprating for example. Because of this given a few knowledgeable volunteers it shouldnt take too long to get going either.

    Something along these lines would have made a valuable training aid over this last couple of weeks for me and no doubt something others far longer in the tooth could benefit from.

    Any thoughts, opinions, questions ?



    Andrea Palmer

    Seeing as no one has responded, I shall ask on behalf of everyone else in the HB field…….what is a wiki???



    a reply ! 😉

    the best & biggest example is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page which is a very useful site anyone & everyone using the net should have as a favourite in my opinion. its had a little negative press but on the whole its an excellent free reference source for anything and everything.

    a search on that site for housing benefit might give an idea of the kind of thing possible.

    its like a global encyclopedia, but you can actually use a basic template of this to make a smaller specialised version to suit your own needs.

    Im guessing people might not be able to grasp my idea though, perhaps best to let it lie and see if ive time & inclination to do something myself 😀

    Andrea Palmer

    There is a product which is not too expensive for an LA to sign up to where all areas of HB are referenced and caselaw plus relevant circulars are also provided


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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