A10/2007 – clarification please

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    Can I just clarify this circular please? The DWP’s attempt at plain english has my head in a spin 😯

    The part of final earnings is basically just saying that any final earnings (holiday pay etc) which someone receives is ignored from 1 October 2007 provided employment ceased before entitlement to HB/CTB commenced. The regs for any income from SSP, SMP, etc and employer equivalents remain unchanged (i.e. they are still taken into account)

    Is this correct?


    That is my understanding – and I agree that the explanation of this by the DWP on the circular beggars belief!


    That’s how I read it too – although I had to read the wretched thing half a dozen times before I came to that conclusion! 🙄


    At least I can say that I can tell my PILON from my PILOR.

    Did anyone manage to get the obscure point they were making about Reg 7 (8) whilst we’re on the subject?


    That’s Reg 7 (para eight) I’m talking about! For some reason that number which falls between 7 and 9 is generating an emoticon!


    Isn’t this the extension of the payment of HB before occupation?

    Currently, if HB is in payment, then only if a property is being adapted for disabled person can payment be made on 2 homes. The change extends this to the 3 possibilities where payment can be made before occupation -provided HB is not currently in payment.

    Kevin D

    The change to HBR 7(8 ) doesn’t change the “policy intention” (grrrr!!!)

    This earlier thread covers the issue that the DWP has now addressed:


    Darren Broughton

    I read it to mean that the amendment removes the requirement for a claim to be made (i.e. a claim form submitted) in those prescribed circumstances

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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