a13/06 and TOC decision

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    Julian Hobson

    Is anyone prepared to share any standard text that they might have for the “shared” decision notice ? We’ve had a bit of batting around here and haven’t come up with anything ideal. Not being able to use you and your in a decision cause some drafting problems, and refrring to the individuals in some absract way as though addressed to a third party is not ideal either.

    Any thoughts gratefully received


    Preferably I’d issue two discrete letters; one to each party re the recoverable OP. Then you could specify on the appropriate letter the OPRT. Situation solved and I think that’s the best way round it.


    I have also been doing the same, sending a letter to the landlord and one to the tenant. I had a couple of appeals cases adjourned because of the overpayment notifications. I re-notified each party by sending separate letters, I attended the re-hearing of one of these cases and the tribunal chair seemed satisfied with the notification letters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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