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    I am currently running yet more training on A18 this time on the system side of things and needless to say our assessors have millions of questions most of which I hope I have answers for.
    However can I just check that I am correct on this
    Customer has a room in our homeless accom and is given temp licence to occupy a propertv for the use of homeless families. The licence starts on the[b:a193c16fc8] Monday[/b:a193c16fc8] but the family move into the new property on the [b:a193c16fc8]Thursday[/b:a193c16fc8] because there is no gas and electric at the property( it has to be shut down at the end of each previous tenancy “due to health and safety”. ) They can remain at the old property for the week and their rental liabilty will continue to the Sunday.
    I assume benefit at the new property can only be paid from the Thursday (the date of occupation) leaving them liable for rent Mon – Wed. As these are homeless properties the rents are huge so this could be a big bill when the customer cannot physically move in. I have said that it may be that the property will need to be void until it is fit to live in – what do others think!


    The Thursday refered to is after the Monday referred to?

    They are liable on both properties for all of the week referred to?


    yes – there is liability on both properties so there will be continuous entitlement to HB ensuring this is a c of c due to change of address.


    Am I right in thinking they will therefore receive HB at a daily rate for Mon – Wed based on the rent at the prev. property, and then a daily rate for Thur – Sun based on their new liabilty?

    Yes they will incur arrears at the start of their tenancy, but they owe less on the accom. they are leaving surely?

    I agree that void loss may be the only way forward at this point in time, but personally feel that more needs to be done to ensure that tenants can move into their properties straight away. Whether that is through working closer with utility companies, ensuring prospective tenants are given ‘adequate’ notice’ or even by providing in-house removals?! I am having similar discussions with my organisation and can only hope that the HB changes are viewed as a positive step – and may force RSLs and councils to improve services for social tenants….the ‘first week’ rule has meant that such matters have have not been an issue in the past.

    I’ll get off me soap-box now!

    Andy Thurman

    Surely the tenant cannot be charged rent until the day they can properly occupy? Until the gas & electric were switched on, the property was not fit! 😯

    I assume that, although this is training, it is based on circs that you come across? Payment of HB at the new address will begin on date of occupation. In scenario given, I think that’s fine 😉 the rent for the start of the week shouldn’t be being charged anyway.

    It could prove an issue for tenants who move on the Thursday because this was the earliest they could do it but that’s always been the case for private tenants paying monthly rents.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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