A8 2006 – help me before I lose it completely…………

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    We seem to be having a lot of Council tenancies where tenants are being signed up , always commencing on a Monday, yet the property is still being worked on by Council contractors who havent quite got the property fit for letting

    so, e.g tenancy start date 19th June. Tenant doesn’t even get the keys given to him until 22nd June cos it’s being repaired – yet our Council is still charging him rent wef 19th June

    Am I right in thinking that we can only pay wef 22nd June for 4/7ths of that week’s liability, as he only occupied the prop from then, even though liable for rent from 19th June?

    (p.s we are paying overlaps on prev properties as it’s unavoidable, before anyone asks). It smells a bit like trying to reduce LA void tenancy stats to me……….. 😯


    You are right, you can only pay from when they actually occupied. If the property is unfit for habitation I can’t see how they can be charging for those days. 😕


    thanks Will. Glad i’ve redeemed myself by being right!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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