Academy Efficiency Version – new partner swap function (non technical question)

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    not realy a technical question which is why i’m posting here instead of the Academy forum.

    Academy EV has the new function of ‘one-click’ clamant/partner swapping; how many of you will actually use this?

    Whenever we have done this we have always created a new claim number but this functionality seems to allow you to swap the claimant and partner on the current claim and then assess the change. Are we making extra work for ourselves?

    I know that a new claim form is required, but does that mean a new claim number?




    Hi Craig,

    I was a little concerned when I saw this functionality having just drilled into the assessors that they must not swap claimant and partner within the same claim reference.

    Therefore, I will be instructing staff not to use this functionality fully. We had a claim identified recently where an assessor had decided to switch claimant and partner using the same claim reference following the claimant’s death. They missed the fact that the claim should then have gone to LHA. The system does not warn them in these circumstances. I would also be a little concerned that assessors may swap them over without the presence of a new form – just because academy allows it.

    I will stress that the functionality can only be used to check which person is better to be the claimant i.e. ESA cases, but that they must then be switched back until a claim form is received.



    Hi Clare,

    thanks for that … i was also concerned by it, especially when almost evryone else in the room were saying how pleased they were that they no longer have to spend ages swapping them over.

    I’ve advised our managers that we should only use it as a better buy calculation but the fact that Academy have given this functionality was worrying me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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