Academy System and overpayment subsidy classification

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    Has anyone noticed Academy doing funny things with overpayment subsidy classification.

    ETD cancellation received 14.03.06 and claim suspended from 20.03.06.

    In this example it is the CTB subsidy classification that worries me.

    Claim unsuspended 25.04.06 and terminated from 13.03.06. The assessment officer has entered two dates on the create assessment screen, date received 14.03.06, date complete 25.04.06.

    Overpayment reason entered as claimant error. What I was expecting to see ifor CTB overpayment s claimant error until 20.03.06, LA error up to 01.05.06, then technical error. Whole period from 13.03.06 to 01.05.06 has been classified as claimant error.

    This is not the first case we have where on change of circumstance the complete date of the change has been used for the overpayment classification rather than the date received.

    I would be grateful for any comments on whether I am wrong or whether Academy is wrong.

    Much obliged


    I believe this is to be fixed in Release 41.



    We have just come across the same situation. Intervention visit carried out on the 11 April 05, claim suspended in June, claim reassessed in Aug. System has coded the whole o/p (Apr to Aug for CTB and Apr to JUne for HB) as clt error.


    Thank you John and Simon. I couldn’t see this problem on the 73 page list of known Academy faults.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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