Adult Learning Grants

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    Helen Chidgey

    Can any one confirm how they are treating the Adult Learning Grants in their area? The Learning and Skills Council have sent me a letter saying they are expecting us to disregard the grant but the Adelphi are saying that these people are ineligible as they are classed as full time students, unless of course they are in a vulnerable group.

    Any advice much appreciated. 😕 😕



    I had a similar query with the Adelphi and this is their reply:


    People in receipt of ALGs are treated as students. There was some discussion
    when this grant was introduced in 2004 and its interaction with benefits.
    ALGs are for learners aged 19 or over i.e. adults, who are studying full
    time and it was agreed that the normal rules on treatment of student grants
    would be applied and relevant disregards for books and travel.

    Hope this helps.

    Elsian Linsell
    0207 962 8687

    So, the DWP regard them as full time students and the Adult Learning Grant is to be treated very much the same way as student grants.

    Helen Chidgey

    Thanks for that.

    Funny, but the response I have had from Trish Neczaj who is answering Elsian’s emails at the moment, is the exact opposite! She is saying that they are F/T students so only eligible if in a vulnerable group.

    The mystery continues.. 🙄


    Yes they are treated as full time students – exactly as both Trish and Elsian have said. This means they are ineligible for Housing Benefit unless they fall into one of the eleigible groups

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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