Advance requests for payment to Landlord

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    We are receiving a steady flow of customers who are coming to us before they take on a tenancy, to ask us for a decision on whether we will make payment of the LHA direct to their landlord if they take on the tenancy. A pool of local landlords appear to be telling potential tenants that they will only give them a tenancy if the Council will first provide them with a letter to confirm that payment will definitely be made to the landlord direct.

    Is anyone else having this issue? If so, are you making payment decisions in advance or are you insisting on receiving a HB claim first before you spend time on decision making?


    We have had this situation (but only once as far as I am aware) and we said we could not make a decision as no claim had been made.
    The person was advised of the categories and situations where we will pay the landlord direct, and of the evidence that we will require for that course of action.
    However, I would have to say that we have had very few requests for direct payments (far fewer than expected – about a dozen or so in 2 months) so I would think, from looking at some of the postings, that we may not be typical. 8)


    We are in exactly the same position as you.
    We had one “advance” request where the landlord (The MOD!!) was insisting on HB being paid direct and, like you, we said we would not make a decision unless and untill a claim was made.

    Apart from that case we have had very few requests for payments direct to landlords.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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