Agreements/SLA’s with RSL re verifying documents

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    As a relatively new authority to VF we want to get some RSL’s to help with verifying documents (for their own tenants).

    Has anyone got any experience of the things to consider and possibly a basic agreement which I could adapt?



    I have nothing but it is something I have been thinking about getting going here for while. I have not started yet though due to other more important issues like the work we have outstanding.

    I guess you have seen the best practice guide supplied by the DWP.


    I had a look and it is ancient and really hard to follow. I was hoping for something simple and basic – for example just allowing the rsl to take a copy of the tenancy agreement and send it with the hb form when they sign up a new tenant (- and if possible take copies of any other original documents they see). It seems so pointless making the claimant take all the stuff to another office to queue up and wait just to have it copied by an LA person.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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