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    This has probably been discussed here already.

    If a customer has been assessed for Pension Credit, but not awarded either Guaranteed or Savings Credit, should we still be using the AIF for HB purposes? I am unsure as to whether this is uprated by IR, or just deemed a dormant claim.



    If a claimant does not qualify for Pension Credit, but you receive an ETD or a copy of the notification with a breakdown of the AIF you can use the Pension Service figures.

    BUT they will not be uprated by Pension Service and if they are found to be incorrect you will not receive full subsidy.

    So I would advise you to obtain information yourselves for any Claims who do not qualify for Pension Credit, unless it is obvious they would not qulaify for HB/CTB either.


    I seem to recall someone from the pension service stating if it was apparent claimant wouldn’t qualify for Pension Credit, they wouldn’t verify any of the information declared to them (in much the same way as an LA which received a claim from someone with £20,000 in savings might).

    Because of this I would be very cautious about using the AIF of someone who didn’t actually qualify for PC.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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