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    Hi There,

    Can I ask a silly question….? I take it the new Right Time Indicators still measure if a claim was processed within 14 days of receipt of all info??

    If so, can I ask what date you would use for all info rec’d on the following scenario:

    [i:0f307978ab]HBMS rec’d stating a change in income, although we require more info to be able to put in on the claim so we access CIS. However, due to workload, the Assessor isn’t given this to work on for 15 days after it was received, at which point checks CIS and processes.[/i:0f307978ab]

    As the HBMS doc was telling us the relevant info – should the all info rec’d date be the date the HBMS was rec’d or the date that we acquired enough info to actually be able to process it i.e. the day we accessed CIS?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ozzies Mate

    I would say yes, your CIS check was just confirmation of the HBMS data not additional info

    chris harvey

    The right time indicator does not measure if a claim is processed within 14 days of receipt of all information. It measures from first contact date to the date processed and with HBMS matches the DWP have confirmed in A5/2008 that where no contact with customer is required (eg where you can get the info from CIS) the date to use is the date the datamatch is received.
    However the DWP have told us they will still be extracting 14 day processing information from the scans and loading the results onto HOBOD. This is not for any performance measure but may be useful for LA’s if they are looking at benchmarking performance with other LA’s. This data will use the info received date. No-one will be checking what date you use as this isn’t a performance measure anymore, but I think that as all the info you need to process this change was available to you when the datamatch was received, then this should be the info received date.


    Thanks very much to both of you – your help is very much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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