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    We currently use an ‘auto refer’ process for these but are starting to get a few sent back now by the Rent Service as referred within 52 weeks.

    Example – previously sent on 13/7/10, referred again on 12/7/11. Is that within the 52 weeks and not at the end of the 52 week period?

    And yes, this is really happening and I have now confused myself on whether they are being produced a day too early.

    My thinking is that the end of the 52 week period is day 365 which would mean can refer a calendar year after last one

    Kully Bains

    We had a similar issue before , and we agreed with our local rent officer that the period is 52 weeks/364 days and not 52 weeks/1 year.
    52 weeks expires on and including the 11/07/2011 therefore the rent officer should accept a referral on the 12/07/2011 this being the firts day of the 53rd week.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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