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    Can I have an opinion please.
    If a customer rings the IR and requests a duplicate award letter, or advises them of a CIC, a new award notice will be generated. It may well be the actual annual award has not changed but it may change the instalments slightly. (I was told by the IR that sometimes to generate a award letter, they had to ‘tweak’ the instalments??). In these cases are you then changing all the subsequent instalments in line with the latest award letter or leaving them as they were on the basis the annual award has not changed.

    Thank you


    This should be classed as a CIC. I would say that you would input the new figures according to the new award letter, regardless of the reason the award notice was issued.


    Do you think that this would generally reduce benefit?

    *sniffs round new PM10* 😉


    Carol Meredith

    I can confim that they do indeed change installment amounts on no change CICs. I only get the basic rate so the amount cannot change, but when I told them my name had changed when I got married they changed the installment amounts. The letter then contained incorrect bank account details so I wrote again and guess what? They changed the installment details again and not back to the original amounts either!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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