Anti-social behavior pilots to start

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    Announced yesterday, press release link in news section.

    Ten LA volunteers wanted. I wonder who will agree to that?

    Right to appeal to Tribunal; if the ASBO was issued for aggression / violence, it will be interesting to see how these cases are dealt with there. Black belt an essential req for Presenting Officers?


    From the Sun June 6th 2008

    “Around 250 Housing Benefit visiting officers, some wearing chemical protection suits, some armed with semi-automatic pistols, stormed an address in North London yesterday. The tenant’s brother was shot in the shoulder during a “scuffle” on the stairs.

    A spokesperson for the HB 3rd Commando Unit pointed out that they had been acting on a tip-off and could not ignore the risk of an undeclared non-dependant.”


    As Peter has started on this line – a model notification?

    “Your Housing Benefit has been restricted because you have acted in an anti-social way. As a result you will be evicted next Tuesday. About time too, the Government reckons. Making you homeless will clearly make you see the error of your ways.

    If you feel very angry and wish to speak to the person who wrote you this letter, our opening hours are ….Please note that ALL shotguns and axes must be left at reception”

    Assessors job descriptions from 2008 – knowledge of HB regs useful, former member of SAS essential.


    How interesting that should be mentioned, I have been told that may authority may be ‘volunteered’ for this pilot due to our Housing Departments work on ASBO’s.

    Can’t wait if that does happen!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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