Any ideas on unemployed A8 nationals?

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    I have 2 questions relating to A8 nationals who loose their jobs and wondered if anyone could help.

    [b:fcd2c0df6b]First question: [/b:fcd2c0df6b]I have an outstanding HB claim for an A8 national who claimed JSA which was made in June. I’m still waiting for JC+ to decide on Habitual Residency and understand it then has to go to the Home Office for the self-sufficiency test.

    My limited understanding is that there’s no way someone who would otherwise qualify for JSA(IB) can get either the JSA or HB as by definition they cannot be viewed as self-sufficient.

    Is this right and can I do an adverse inference to that effect when its not the claimant whose delaying? Or do I just sit on it until JC+ make a decision?

    [b:fcd2c0df6b]Second question: [/b:fcd2c0df6b]Ok so not strictly a Benefits one this, but I’d be interested to know if any LAs have placed A8 (or any other EEA naitionals) in Council Housing, and how you deal with the perceived problems?

    Our Housing Dept have a number of applications from A8 nationals who are currently working. They asked for our help in looking at how to respond & whether or not they should be put on the waiting list.

    Looking at their Regs they are virtually the same as ours, in that if someone is working they are deemed to be self-sufficient and are allowed to apply for social housing along the same lines that we can pay HB.

    However if they are unemployed, unless they have other financial means, they are not self-sufficient and therefore not eligible to social housing and we can’t pay HB.

    Obvious question is – what happens if you house one and they later loose their job?

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