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    Claim terminated 26.3.06.

    Appeal received from customer 1.5.06.

    Was about to write out to him requesting reason for late appeal, but I noticed that the system notification letters were suppressed and not sent. From customer’s letter it would appear he appealed after advice from Housing Services as HB not in payment for a number of weeks.

    I realise that he hasn’t been informed of the decision made 26.3.06 and the letters can now be sent, but what do I do with his original request for an appeal? Is the original appeal still valid even though he wasn’t notified of the decision or does the whole appeal process start again when he is notified?




    Did any manual notifications get sent or did you solely rely on system notifs?

    If a manual letter was sent then you would be justified in late appeal action. If not then I would be inclined to issue letters with an apology and give a statement of reasons and ssk if they wish the original appeal letter to still be considered as such. That would seem to be the most practical approach.

    Mind you, this is benefits, so……………


    Unfortunately no manual letter sent either. I think the course of action you describe is the best way forward.

    thanks for your advice


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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